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Junkanoo Commandos

The Junkanoo Commandos are a group of Professional Junkanoo artists from the Bahamas. We specialise in costume artistry and building, with our talents annually on display within Bahamian Junkanoo festivities. However we do not just stop there as we continuously strive to bring other like minded individuals into the fold. Due to this we hold workshops, host seminars and educate people of all ages in regards to the artform. We also make a point introducing the world to our cultural expression by taking part and performing in a host of international cultural activities throughout the globe.


Angelique McKay

Angelique McKay

Founder - Junkanoo Commandos
issuu Magazine

Every time the Junkanoo Commandos perform outside the Bahamas it is just as magical as our performance on Bay Street in Nassau. Whenever we line up in our costumes, magic happens, and we attract people like moths to a flame. One of my most memorable experiences was taking Junkanoo to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial [in Washington, DC] to perform for the fiftieth anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. That put Junkanoo on the largest stage possible, and I was proud. That goes neck-to-neck with the first year my son lined up next to me to perform on Bay Street.