History of the festival

The festival was birth out of the need to highlight and showcase the unique cultural expressions of Junkanoo.  The festival organizers are cognizant of the fact that there is no other place on earth one can go to experience this phenomenon called JUNKANOO at this level, its excitement, colour, energy and performance.  It is with this mindset that the festival’s mission was developed. The festival promises to be even more ground breaking from year to year as we move to implement new areas and activities to the festival each year seeking to expand the festival.

Our Online Store

Bahamas Junkanoo Arts & Music Festival online store offers you a range of Junkanoo items that you will not find anywhere else online. We epitomise Bahamian Junkanoo and as such our one of a kind items will have you spellbound and wanting for more. Handmade instruments, vibrant costumes, elaborate designs all representing the spirit of Junkanoo. 

Sculptures, paintings, music, literature, the list is endless. Our aim is to allow you to have your own piece of the festival within your own four walls and all without leaving your home.

Our catalogue of items are comprehensive and varied to suit the varying tastes of our clientele. So sit back, relax and click through our many many articles, as there is something for everyone.