A festival like no other. Steeped in rich African tradition this street parade is known for its vibrant coloured costumes, music and dancing. Like most of the islands within the English speaking Caribbean, The Bahamas holds their own Junkanoo festivities every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. This Bahamian cultural showcase usually consists of varying components that once combined explode into a dynamic, vivid artistic demonstration with a life of its own. 

The Junkanoo Commandos are a group of Professional Junkanoo artists from the Bahamas. We specialise in costume artistry and building, with our talents annually on display within Bahamian Junkanoo festivities. However we do not just stop there as we continuously strive to bring other like minded individuals into the fold. Due to this we hold workshops, host seminars and educate people of all ages in regards to the artform.

The Festival

The festival encompasses live entertainment on the main stage, inclusive of local artists and bands. For good measure, there are also  live exhibits highlighting several areas of artistry that are part of the junkanoo artform. These include,   live cardboard manipulation, styrofoam carving, drum building and costume pasting segments, (these are on display throughout the two days). There are also an abundance of junkanoo performances, by way of a host of junkanoo inspired forms of entertainment.  For unique and returning visitors alike, there are a multitude of  opportunities for individuals to experience all that junkanoo entails, from morning to night and beyond.